Have you met Prommpt?

Complex project?  Remote team?  Client that loves tech solutions? Want to bring your projects and company out of the dark ages of spreadsheets, long meetings and piecemeal reporting? 


If you need a way to collaborate as a team or you want to plan, monitor and manage a project or portfolio of projects, then PROMMPT might be the answer you didn’t know existed!  PROMMPT stands for ‘Project Management Monitoring and Planning Tool’ and focuses on core project management activities and facilitates effective management of important project components such as budget, time, milestones, team, issues, stakeholders etc. It contains tools for assessing the project planning maturity and the earned value, which is a helpful guide to create a comprehensive project management environment. 


PROMMPT is ideal for collaborating in international, cross-company, or virtual ad-hoc teams or in ever changing professional constellations where project management tools are needed, but not easily available due to enterprise battery limits or other challenges. PROMMPT is a system integrator and establishes an instant project management platform. With PROMMPT you do not need to change the way to plan, PROMMPT just makes it more visible and focused for all concerned and creates a common decision making base. 


PROMMPT has its roots in day-to-day project management tasks and is clear evidence of necessity being the mother of invention. A large-scale infrastructure programme in northern Mozambique with multiple workstreams, teams and sites was the inspiration for PROMMPT as the App’s creator could not find a tool to meet his needs of easy communication, effective monitoring and the ability to interface with a range of information sources. 


An important feature for senior management or those with multiple ongoing projects is that projects can be grouped into portfolios, allowing a quick overview of activities by criteria such as region, country, client, focus, business unit, etc. 


PROMMPT is available in a free test version in the iOS AppStore for iPad and the developers are currently working on the final touches of the web version, which will be released early 2019. If you are interested, just visit https://prommpt.com to find out more. 

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